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We offer the best selection of diesel powered, late model, low hour, Used and New Compact Utility Tractors sold in the Midwest.  All of our tractors are
professionally inspected and determined to be field ready.

The HelpMate series loaders and accessories were designed specifically for lightweight compact tractors.  They are engineered to accommodate the
weight of the tractor, not the horsepower of the tractor.

Used Japanese Mini-Trucks are a fuel efficient, reliable 4X4 that provide an
inexpensive alternative to large trucks and utility vehicles.


Size and Purpose

All tractors are diesel powered and range from 14 to 46 HP, have 2, 3, or 4
cylinder engines and come equipped with a 3 point hitch and a 3 or 4 speed PTO.  These Japanese agricultural tractors make excellent acreage, estate, general farm, and utility tractors.  These tractors can be equipped with many
attachments to do a variety of jobs.  Some attachments are:  Front End Loaders, Finish or Brush Mowers, Posthole Diggers, Backhoes, and Fork Lifts to name a few.  Common jobs for compact  tractors are: snow removal, landscaping, garden tilling, corral and barn cleaning, posthole digging, seeding and fertilizing, hauling, towing, etc.