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Compact Manure Spreader

Ideal for Small,Horse stables...Hobby Farms

Tows behind an ATV or lawn tractor!

Manure spreader picture
Pull 46-1/2" wide spreader right to stall..cut cleaning time by 50%.
Drive to nearby field or pasture...spreading takes about a minute.
No more wheelbarrow...manure piles...disposal costs!
  • Ground-driven(no PTO)-any 10HP garden tractor can pull
  • No belts to slip-apron chain is ratchet-driven by one wheel...beater is chain-driven by opposite wheel
  • 'Bear-claw' beaters quickly shred and spread all types of manure (including that mixed with straw or hay), plus shavings, grass clippings and compost
  • Simple to operate-up front controls for apron-chain and beater
  • Fully assembled-ready to go
  • Well balanced...for moving by hand
  • Ideal for 1-6 stalls
  • Not a toy! Ruggedly constructed. Performs just like the big, expensive spreaders
Several leading horse magazines gave Compact Manure Spreaders rave reviews...for making manure disposal faster and easier... while providing excellent value

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