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Now offering Japanese car & truck imports!

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nissan skyline
Nissan Skyline GTR built for racing on the Japanese circuit's and very easily modified to over 500hp's!

Why buy a Japanese imported car from us?

  • Save up to 70% off of the local counter parts
  • very low mileage vehicles!(average distance driven in Japan is only 6000 miles a year!)
  • Due to strict regulations in Japan called Shaken vehicles are subject to very high standards to be road worthy so vehicles must be in top condition to be on the road's of Japan.
  • We are a direct importer with many suppliers in Japan and we get the best possible prices.
  • Cars in Japan are generally not driven as rigorously as cars in Canada and are generally kept in better condition.
  • We have access to cars that have never been released to the Canadian public.



Nissan Fairlady Z or otherwise known as 300ZX
Available with twin turbo and 300+HP this small light beauty will get you where you need to go in a hurry!

nissan fairlady Z
toyota land cruiser




Toyota Landcruiser is one of the best known SUV's on the market for there ruggedness and reliability, many that we get have less than 60,000 KM on them and are barely broken in!



Worried about high gas prices? Our mini cars get 60-80MPG!

suzuki mini car




We have access to not only Japanese import cars but also any other type of auto manufacture out there! can't you see yourself in this beautiful Mercedes at half the cost?



Or is Italian sports car more your flavor? This Italian Alfa Romeo 2 seater convertible with Italian leather seats and wood grain trim will get you where you need to go in style and speed!

Alfa Romeo
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