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How to Turn your Dog into the Next Instagram Celebrity

How to Turn your Dog into the Next Instagram Celebrity

happy dog on instagramIf you are a dog owner, you’ve probably taken and posted lots of cute pictures on Instagram. You must have also looked at the Instagram accounts of many other dogs and asked yourself how they became so huge and reached the pinnacle they are right now. You don’t have to worry anymore. You can follow the following tips if you are interested in increasing your dog’s Instagram popularity.

Be flexible while maintaining your brand

Now you are sick and tired of dreaming; you just want to swing into action and begin the journey of transforming the fortunes of your dog online. It’s possible for you to come up with an idea for the personality and design of your dog’s account, but then you might discover that the idea doesn’t seem like the best for your dog. Feel free to change things in the beginning, but the moment you get hold of something that works just stick to it.

Exercise some patience and be prepared – this is important when looking to take great shots of animals

instagram famous dogBeing Instagram famous all boils down to taking great photographs that draw the attention of everyone. But getting the best out of children and animals isn’t that straightforward at all. You might need to take at least 10 photos of your pet before coming close to perfection.

Also, having to take photos of the same dog all the time (even if it’s the most amazing) can become boring at some point. This is a normal occurrence and the only solution is to incorporate some flexibility and creativity into your photo shoots. For instance, use different backgrounds or allow your dog to use different accessories and wears for each shooting session.

Be organized and plan ahead

It’s important to maintain a well-curated feed that has an appealing and organized visual representation. Ensure that the account is well laid out cohesively, with a storyline that consistently reflects your brand.

Develop a tone of voice, likes and comments

There are times when we stare at our dog and wonder what goes on in their minds. But transforming those thoughts into well-crafted Instagram captions is a different issue to strengthen desire of the user to write the comment and likes regularly. Writing captions is not an easy feat. You need to churn out great captions all the time if you must increase the popularity of your dog’s Instagram profile.

You can borrow ideas from other Instagram accounts getting lots of engagements.

Engagement is vital and requires patience

increasing instagram comments on dog photoInstagram is home to many dog enthusiasts and lovers. You need lots of engagements to increase the popularity of your dog’s Instagram profile.  Try to attract more friends from Facebook and other social networks that they liked and commented on Instagram posts of a dog.

Be warned: if you care about increasing engagements for your posts, you will need to devote several hours to work on the account. You should spend a couple of hours each day liking comments, responding to question, etc.

Adopt a strategy that helps you save time

It is important to organize your Instagram activities. You can begin by prioritizing the accounts you are following and try to leave some comments on their posts weekly. Then you can focus on hashtags and other things.

If you have an Instagram account dedicated to your dog, we would be interested in learning your tricks of using it to drive your dog’s popularity through the roof.

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