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Helpmate VS conventional

HelpMate Loader System


Conventional Loaders


The HelpMate series loaders were designed specifically for lightweight compact tractors.  They were engineered to accommodate the weight of the tractor, not the horsepower of the tractor.  All conventional, retrofit loader manufacturing companies rate their loader by the horsepower rating of the tractor.  There have not been many basic design changes in the past fifty years when tractors were much heavier.  When you install a conventional loader on a lightweight tractor it is front heavy and will cause rear tractor wheels to rise up off the ground.  This makes the tractor unstable and could result in injury to the operator.

When designing the HelpMate loaders, the engineers keyed on three primary features -




The following elements were incorporated into the HelpMate series loaders to ensure operator safety:

  • Center mount design to provide stability.
  • Lightweight single-sheet arms for better forward visibility.
  • Holes were cut in the arms to lighten the overall weight and provide more strength.  Physics shows circles cannot collapse on themselves and they help spread weight distribution equally throughout the length of the arms.
  • Buckets were designed for a weight load that would better accommodate the weight of the tractor.  The rear tires remain on the ground and the entire unit is more stable.
  • Valves were specifically designed and factory preset for operating a front end loader.
  • Eight safety stickers were designed showing the hazards of operating a front end loader.
  • A loader manual was designed to show the proper installation and operation of the HelpMate loaders.

Despite the best efforts of the HelpMate designers to make the front end loader safe, all operators must exercise caution and common sense.  The ultimate responsibility of safe operation of front end loaders and accessories lies with the operators.



Most American-made conventional front end loaders are designed as single purpose units.  They can only perform the functions of a front end loader.  They dig, lift and haul objects.  The HelpMate series loaders were designed to be consumer friendly and are all equipped with the following features.

  • Drop off bucket.  The operator can twist two spring loaded pins, drop the bucket and attach a number of other implements in a matter of seconds.
  • All HelpMate loaders come with zinc plated steel hydraulic lines.  Hoses age rapidly and are susceptible to leaks.  Zinc plating protects the steel lines from corrosion and require little maintenance.
  • All HelpMate loaders come standard with a three-spool valve.  Auxiliary ports are run to the front of the loader to accommodate any hydraulically operated implements that are attached in place of the standard bucket.  An additional rear hydraulic kit is available if the consumer needs rear hydraulic ports.
  • Conventional loaders have box-style welded frames.  The HelpMate loaders are assembled with Teflon-coated Garlock bushings that require no lubrication and have a long, maintenance-free life span.
  • HelpMate loaders can be attached to most compact tractors with the new universal mounting kit.  This kit provides approximately 90% of the hardware used to mount the loader to the tractor.  As most tractors have different bolt configurations and are different heights the side plates that attach to the tractor have to be custom cut and welded to the sliding, adjustable plates that are included with the kit.  HelpMate also has custom mounts available for many new and used tractors.
  • HelpMate loaders are custom packaged in kit form with easy-to-assemble instructions.  This allows loaders to be shipped to customers throughout the world with a minimum of freight charges.
  • HelpMate loaders are available with a wide variety of attachments to accommodate the multiple needs of acreage owners, agriculture, and industry.



HelpMate loaders were designed with the latest technology to provide a safe, stable, multipurpose, consumer-friendly implement which provides the assistance property owners and industry demand in today's market.  New laser technology ensures that all parts are precision-cut for a perfect fit and ease of operation.  High standards of quality plus competitive pricing assure the consumer that HelpMate front end loaders are the best value on the market today.


Now Available

Three-point Quick Tach

This implement is now available for all Category I three-point hitches.  It allows 30 second hookups of mowers, tillers, back blades, buckets, pallet forks, etc.  Just back up, flip the lever and proceed to a different task.  No more bending, lifting and lugging of four or five hundred pound implements makes this the handiest helper around.  For the economy-minded consumer this can also be used as a loader alternative with the addition of a one spool valve.  All HelpMate accessories can be used with either the HelpMate front end loader or the three point Quick Tach.


HelpMate I

It is 4" wider to accommodate the wider platform tractors and comes with a standard 48" bucket.  The lift capacity is factory preset at 600 pounds.


HelpMate II

Comes with a standard 54" bucket and fits most 23 to 32 hp tractors.  Most of these tractors weigh between 2000 and 3200 pounds.  The lift capacity is factory preset at 1200 pounds.


HelpMate III

Comes with a standard 72" bucket and fits most 32 to 55 hp tractors.  Most of these tractors weigh between 3200 and 6500 pounds.  The lift capacity is factory preset at 2200 pounds.


HelpMate IV

Comes with a standard 84" bucket and fits most 55 to 100 hp tractors.  Most of these tractors weigh between 6500 and 12,000 pounds.  The lift capacity is factory preset at 3200 pounds.