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New Miniscraper


General Information about Mini Scraper

- The Mini Scraper is designed for precise digging & dumping.
- Full dumping angle of the Mini Scraper is 55 degrees.
- Front hitch is height adjustable.
- Rear axle height can be changed 5/8" by rotating the axle 180 degrees.
- The Mini Scraper comes standard with mud scrapers behind both tires.
-The Mini Scraper has 3 grease zerks per side (two on one cylinder & one on main hinge).
- Both the three point hitch and one hydraulic control valve from the tractor are needed for operation of The Mini Dirt Scraper.
- When the Mini Scraper is hitched to the tractor and the three point hitch lowered all the way down, the digging center blade should be about 2"-3" above the ground. (with cylinders in the closed position)
- For optimum digging always have the center blade lower than the side blades(shown here)

Measurement of blade to ground at 45 degree angle

3 point hitch height from ground Distance from ground to center digging blade
26" 5"
28" 5 7/8"
30" 7 1/4"




As the wheels roll over the material that has fallen out, the distance between the ground and center digging blade increases the distances seen above by about 3" or 4".

Warranty Policy

- G & A Enterprises warranties Mini Scraper for 6 (six) months parts & labor.
- Mini Scraper is to be used with 20-30 hp tractors.
- Start date for warranty coverage begins at date of purchase by first end user.

Warranty Does Not Cover

- Any repairs done without prior discussion and consent by G & A Enterprises
- Downtime
- Any incidental or consequential damages.
- Any modifications made to Mini Scraper.
- Towing Mini Scraper at highway speed. (20 mph maximum)



   Last Updated January 15, 2013 by Becquet Enterprises