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Month: December 2017

Isn’t it an absolute convenience for you and your pet dog if you can assure that both of you are safely traveling in your car anytime you want? The good news is that, more and more people are interested in finding ways on how to protect their pet and every single passenger in their car whenever they travel.

So, if you own a vehicle yourself and you have a pet that you want to bring with you wherever you go, you should as well start looking into the various possibilities of keeping your pet safe while you’re driving.

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There are various non-profit organizations who have compiled their own research regarding the safety of pets while traveling

The studies are mostly being conducted by engineers as well as various employees who brainstormed their own ideas on how installing a car seat for your dog can definitely protect them while inside a vehicle as well as the people who are inside the vehicle including the driver. Unfortunately there is not that much data on statistics so those who study them make use of their own dogs for the study.

  1. Even high officials of various companies find themselves agreeing to the point where dogs should as well be protected while in a vehicle knowing that millions of people treat them as a traveling companion.
  2. An Organization such as Johnson Controls have determined from their testing, research and studies that there is a very big possibility that not only dogs but pet cats can definitely be saved from death or any particular injury as a result of a vehicular crash if they are making use of safety devices and equipment when traveling.
  3. Chances are you are now convinced that it really is important that you also have to consider the safety of your pets when you op to travel with them right? The next thing that you’ll probably look into is obtaining the right safety equipment for your pets. Since these safety devices are not created equally, you’ll have to ensure that you’re getting them from a reliable maker of such kind of equipment.
  4. You probably have heard of various stories regarding the failure of such devices and equipment to protect pets which may lead to your pet’s death or injury which of course you don’t want to experience.

Now, if you plan to obtain a car seat for your pet dog, it’s essential that you look for the right brand and the trusted one

Definitely on your search you’ll find a variety of options in the market today and this is the reason why you’ll have to choose wisely. Try to look for ones that are not only accessories for your pet but are equipped with safety devices and dog restraints.

  • By doing this you can ensure that your pet is not only comfortable but is safely restrained while waiting to reach your destination!

On/OFF in 5 minuets!

Fits all tractors with or without
front loader mounting bracket 

Model 601-FM


QUICK ATTACH MOUNTING SYSTEM allows for easy attachment and removal of blower unit



Ready to blow in minutes!!!

Our snow blowers have been proven for over 50 years by people who need to move snow fast after every snowfall or blizzard. This tough, dependable blower is built to go day after day. Fetures quick mount and dismount along with trouble-free chute rotation in all conditions. These snow blowers chews through deep drifts and clears to the bare ground.

We offer several different widths from 60″ to 108″, all of which are true quick attach systems that allow easy on/off attachment in approximately 5 minutes. Standard features include hydraulic lift and chute rotation, blot-on cutting edge, and adjustable skid shoes. These ruggedly built Erskine snow blowers are second to none in features, performance, and durability.

The efficient transfer case transfers power
from the rear PTO to the front mounted
snow blower.

Benefits and Safety

Protection in a cab – Passenger safety Good Stability – No Towing necessary


Warm and Dry for Winter Good weather protection

Excellent for All types of Activities

Farms – Ranches – Acreage’s – Contractors Fishermen – Hunters 

On and Off Road Vehicles

These trucks are legal in Canada and can be driven on any road.

Performance and Economy

Excellent stability in uneven terrain. Super fuel economy.


Japanese Mini Trucks are built by the company’s most famous for reliability (Honda, Mitsubishi, Subaru, Daihatsu, Suzuki) and they bring that same passion for engineering and reliability to the Japanese Mini Truck.


4wd ATV and trailer all in one Feed out, pick up calves, carry dogs Fencing, Fishing Gear, Hunting, An ATV unit all in one

Where do ATV Trucks come from?
They are all imported directly from Japan.

What are these vehicles used for in Japan ? 
Mainly used as an On Road Vehicle. There main use is for moving goods due to the narrow access ways near rice paddies and in the cities crowded streets.

What do you do to these vehicles once they arrive in Canada?
These are second hand vehicles, so they are serviced and completely safety checked. Like all automotive vehicles oil change is the most important. We also check the cooling system, differentials, transmission and transfer case.

Are the odometers accurate?
Yes, we get descriptions and pictures of the vehicles before ordering. So, we know the mileage before they are ordered.

Are parts available for these vehicles?
Yes. All Makes that we import have Auto Dealers nation wide in the United States.

What makes do you have available?
Japanese Mini Truck makes are Daihatsu Hijet, Suzuki Carry, Mitsubishi Minicab, Subaru and Honda.

Are there different trucks available?
Yes, the different makes we offer come in 4 spd, 5 spd, or auto transmission. Trucks are available with standard tires or optional ATV flotation tires.

Optional equipment

Air conditioning
Snow Plow
Track kits
Front Bumper kits
Rear Bumper Kits
Rear Receiver hitches
Front Receiver hitches
Dump beds
Bed Liners
Interior Liners
Interior accents
Custom Rims
Ultra High Floatation Tires
Chrome accents
Window Tints
Lift Kits (2″ to 8″ lift)
We can custom Fab anything you would like.


Japanese Mini Truck will get you to most places an ATV will go. These trucks Extremely fuel efficient and reliable you will get much more use out of our trucks then you will an ATV and have fun doing it.

Nissan Skyline GTR built for racing on the Japanese circuit’s and very easily modified to over 500hp’s!

Why buy a Japanese imported car from us?

  • Save up to 70% off of the local counter parts
  • very low mileage vehicles!(average distance driven in Japan is only 6000 miles a year!)
  • Due to strict regulations in Japan called Shaken vehicles are subject to very high standards to be road worthy so vehicles must be in top condition to be on the road’s of Japan.
  • We are a direct importer with many suppliers in Japan and we get the best possible prices.
  • Cars in Japan are generally not driven as rigorously as cars in Canada, USA and are generally kept in better condition.
  • We have access to cars that have never been released to the Canadian public.



Nissan Fairlady Z or otherwise known as 300ZX
Available with twin turbo and 300+HP this small light beauty will get you where you need to go in a hurry!




Toyota Landcruiser is one of the best known SUV’s on the market for there ruggedness and reliability, many that we get have less than 60,000 KM on them and are barely broken in!



Worried about high gas prices? Our mini cars get 60-80MPG!




We have access to not only Japanese import cars but also any other type of auto manufacture out there! can’t you see yourself in this beautiful Mercedes at half the cost?



Or is Italian sports car more your flavor? This Italian Alfa Romeo 2 seater convertible with Italian leather seats and wood grain trim will get you where you need to go in style and speed!

Entertainment for children and parents

ride on snow

The Black Diamond Powerboard is a stand on, track propelled snow machine that carves through the snow like a snowboard. Great for snowbound regions without big hills or mountains, the Black Diamond Powerboard can offer you the fun and action of snowboarding without going to the ski slopes. With a large track footprint the Powerboard supports the weight of the rider allowing you to cruise over even the deepest powder snow. The rubber track features a paddle style tread for an aggressive bite on the snow giving you the ability to travel and maneuver over all types of snowy terrain. Powered by a mid-mounted 200 CC engine, Black Diamond Powerboards can climb over snow covered hills and handle deep power snow. With speeds up to 25 mph you carve and maneuver by leaning and shifting your body weight. The stand-on design does not require you to have any type of special boots or bindings. The easy to operate throttle control in mounted on the T-Bar handle. The handle provides the rider leverage and stability and the handle is adjustable to match a rider’s height. The chassis is mainly constructed out of aluminum for strength and light weight. The engine housing and decking is molded in high density plastic, creating a durable product which will last for many seasons of fun. Currently the product is scheduled to be available in stores this fall.

car for snow

Features and Specifications:

  • Adjustable T-Bar handle with throttle control
  • Safety shut-off switch * 200 CC OHV 4 cycle gas engine
  • Rubber Track – Solid one piece track has internal lug direct drive
  • Tread 1 ¾ snow lugs * Approximate Weight 150 lbs.
  • Length 65 inches
  • Height 21 inches (not including the removable handle)
  • Fuel Capacity 1 U.S. gallon
  • Does not require bindings so it can be ridden regular or “goofy” stance
  • Available in black
  • Patents Pending